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But it totally defeats the purpose if you’re overwhelmed by trying to catch every video each day.

That’s where the VIP All Access Pass comes in!

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Lifetime access to the recordings of presentations

Share your Brilliance: Loving Content Course from Connected Marketing

$50 of Connected Marketing credit

Access to the Connected Marketing Client/Student ONLY Facebook group


$1200+ worth of presenter bonuses – see below

Presenter Premium Bonuses Include:

Creative Flow Course

Aesha Kennedy


A program designed to go deep into expressing your creativity, unblock, and be playful, with a flexible structure of support.

Regular Price: AUD$197

Pilot Program Toolkit

Melanie White

Do you feel a little confused and overwhelmed about how to start a coaching program, what to include in it and how to work with clients?

This DIY Pilot Program Kit will help you solve those problems.

It includes a step-by-step process and documents to help set up and deliver a test coaching program, while getting feedback from real client/s along the way.

Regular Price: AUD$197

Embody Your Brilliance

Inma Piqueras Ramos

I am going to help you connect with that passion, that call, with the reason, THE WHY you do what you do that thing that made you take the step to become an entrepreneur. With the intention to nurture that passion, keep it alive and present so that when you need to have a sales conversation or do a public speech, you can do it from a connected place.

Enjoy this workshop and journalling promtps.

Regular Price: AUD$127

Meridian Workout

Claire Tait

Be the Creator of your own Wellbeing.

Meridians form part of your energetic body in the same way that chakras do.
They are lines of energy that run through your body and distribute energy or chi throughout your body.

We need to keep that energy or chi in constant flow, we don't want any blockages.

It is when you get blockages that your energy stagnates and you can experience the negative consequences.

To combat these blockages, I've developed a Meridian Workout Package which consists of a set of easy to perform sequences for each of the fourteen meridians.

Regular Price: AUD$97

Joyful Productivity Principles & Practices

George Kao

George Kao is my own business mentor.

I was pretty tempted to ask him to deliver every presentation in this summit because I love his perspective on everything.

His Joyful Productivity has been a game changer for me in my life, not just my business so here is access to his BONUS: Joyful Productivity Principles & Practices Webinar

Regular Price: USD$50


Quiet Marketing

Danielle Gardner

If conventional business and marketing advice has not landed in your heart and soul very well and you are spending too much time online, then this book is for you!

Quiet Marketing is a book for highly sensitive solopreneurs who are seeking a calm, uncomplicated, minimal approach to business and online visibility.

Regular Price: AUD$40

Setting Intentions with Integrity

Michelle Whitehead

From my experience, creating legal foundations that truly serve you by keeping you and your clients safe begins with understanding who you are, what kind of business you are building and how you want to take ownership of your journey.

Your legals have the potential to be so much more powerful than just ticking a box on the list of things that every business owner needs to have. They can function energetically to radiate your intentions and integrity. Can you imagine the ideal clients that kind of foundational power can call in, and the level of trust and confidence it creates?

Regular Price: AUD$55

Light Language - Moving Forward in Your Business With Ease

Kelly Reidy

As Kelly was delivering her presentation a specific Light Language landed for her with all of us summit attendees in mind and heart. 

Enjoy this divine transmission to enhance your summit experience.

Regular Price: AUD$44

Sound Healing & LL Guided Journey - INTENTION - ABUNDANCE

Carlie Mills

Relax, find a quiet moment - as you are guided in visualisation, breath, Frequency & Sound - to Receive and Activate Abundance - Firstly - from within- Activating the Heart Portal, - Acknowledging, Owning & Feeling your power as a Creator & Receiver of ABUNDANCE. Carlie is also sharing a 40%off coupon for work with her.

Regular Price: AUD$133

Kick Stress to the Curb

Chantal Khoury

If you are ready to ditch the constant stress & overwhelm cycle and move through the daily ‘stuff’ with ease, grace and confidence, then this short course is perfect for you!
Join me for this deep dive to kick stress to the curb and you’ll discover:
What is REALLY behind your stress & overwhelm

The impact stress has on your physical and mental health

How to articulate your exact emotions that actually feels ‘releasing’ rather than stuck. This in itself if GAME CHANGING!

What to do when you first notice that stressed out feeling

Plenty of brain and evidence based techniques, tools and strategies to dissolve the stress, and melt into relaxation in minutes.

Regular Price: AUD$29


Tamara Protassow

Do you have a secret dream to be an author?

If it's your soul's dream to write your book - finally – then consider this your sign.

The world needs your book, now.

If you have an idea that just won't let go, A quiet conviction that you've got something to say and that it needs to be a book, If you've always dreamed of sharing your story or your knowledge, And if you'd like company while you write, then Book.Write.Now With Me is for you.

Get one month free in the membership.

Regular Price: USD$29

7 Keys for Facilitating Transformational Conversations

Jason Schneider

Home study course overviewing the 7 core principles to make your conversations more transformational, personally and professionally.

Regular Price: USD$25

Network Like a CEO

Karen Humphries

Expand the network into of your beautiful business!

Regular Price: AUD$29.95

Exclusive Live Zoom sessions throughout the summit with select presenters

Kelly Reidy

Carlie Mills

Bingz Huang

Jana Langford

Tamara Protassow

Nik Chung

Claire Kerslake

Bridget Avgoustakis

Regular Price: ASD$800

From the Womb of Gentleness ebook

Bingz Huang

"This book is like the warm hug you didn't know you needed."

Aloha and thank you for being part of the experience of From the Womb of Gentleness.

From the Womb of Gentleness arose this collection of my poems and beautiful illustrations created by children's book illustrator, Yuanhui Chen. We are both sensitive Empaths and nurturing mothers of young children.

If life feels extra intense for you right now, we gently encourage you to read this book like you are being invited to the warmth of the womb from the outside.

Regular Price: USD$4

7-Day Blog Reboot program

Shailaja V

How to reset your entire blogging strategy and make it something that you truly enjoy!

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Lifetime access to the recordings of presentations

Share your Brilliance: Loving Content Course from Connected Marketing

$50 of Connected Marketing credit

Access to the Connected Marketing Client/Student ONLY Facebook group


$1200+ worth of presenter bonuses

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